PF Trust Management Software

an integrated software to keep track on the Provident Fund Investment/Details
PF trust software

About PF Trust Management Software

PF Trust Software is comprehensive, powerful and user-friendly software for PF trust accounting, Gratuity & Superannuation management. Developed using the latest in Rapid application development and deployment tools, PF Trust Software is packed with features to simplify the complex work of Provident Fund Trust management. PF Trust Software module also handles the trust’s financial accounting operations ranging from vouchers, simple ledgers to complete Balance Sheets.

PF Trust Software Module comprises three different modules viz PF TRUST, GRATUITY and SUPERANNUATION, is a highly parameterized system which enables easy application of changes to PF rules without any programmer intervention. This product handles all the statutory requirements, loan calculation, amortization, investments, and financial accounting.

Features of the PF Trust Software

Set Up

  • Company Information
  • Parameter Settings
  • Create Company
  • Alert creation through
  • Map User
  • User Access Control
  • Prefix Setup for Investment
  • Prefix Setup for Transaction Entry
  • Generate Summary
  • Clear Error Log File
  • NPA Status Updation
  • Stop Interest Calculation
  • Year End Process


a) PF Transaction

  • PF Contribution Entry
  • Employee wise PF Contribution Entry
  • Outstanding Balance of Loan Entry
  • PF Data Import & Excel Format
  • Application for Settlement
  • Settlement of Accounts Entry with % of payment as per parameter
  • Settlement of Accounts Checker Entry
  • Settlement of Accounts Approval Entry
  • Stop Settlement Entry
  • Stop Settlement Approval Entry
  • Form 16
  • Form 10C Entry
  • Form 13 Entry
  • Transfer In Entry
  • Transfer In Checker Entry
  • Transfer In Approval Entry

b) Investment Transaction

  • Investment Proposal Entry
  • Investment Proposal Approval Entry
  • Purchase of Investment
  • Rating Updation
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement
  • Investment Planning Entry
  • Sale of Investment
  • Maturity of Investment
  • Investment Sale Approval Entry
  • Investment Maturity Approval Entry

c) PF Transfer In

  • Form 13 Entry
  • Transfer In Entry
  • Transfer In Checker Entry
  • Transfer In Approval Entry

d) Accounts Transaction

  • Provisional Cash/Bank Entry
  • Provisional Journal Entry
  • Provisional Cash/Bank Checker Entry
  • Provisional Journal Checker Entry
  • Provisional Cash/Bank Approval Entry
  • Provisional Journal Approval Entry
  • Bank Clearing Entry
  • Interest/Dividend Receipt Entry
  • Interest/Dividend Receipt Approval Entry
  • Form 16A Receipt Entry

e) PF Data Import

  • PF Contribution
  • Employee wise PF Contribution Entry
  • Outstanding Balance


a) Provident Fund Reports

  • Settlement of Accounts
  • Settlement Register
  • Settlement Application Status
  • Pending priority
  • Pending
  • Priority settled
  • Settled cases
  • Non Refundable Withdrawal Register
  • From date
  • To Date
  • Transfer In/Transfer Out Register
  • TDS Calculation for Settlement
  • TDS Register
  • Provident Fund Ledger
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Statement of Accounts (Back Year)
  • PF Contribution (Back Year)
  • Interest Allocation
  • Form 16A Recovery Register
  • Annexure K

b) Investment Reports

  • Investment Details
  • Details
  • Summary
  • Pattern of Investment
  • Investment Groupwise
  • Investmentwise
  • Rating of Securities
  • State wise Holding Report
  • Amortization Statement
  • Investment Groupwise
  • Fund Utilization
  • Investment Groupwise
  • Investment wise
  • Interest Due Reports
  • Status of Maturity
  • Investment Groupwise
  • Investment wise
  • Accrued Interest

c) Accounts Reports

  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Cash/Bank Book Summary
  • Journal Book
  • General Ledger
  • Party Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Party Trial
  • Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Analysis
  • Half Yearly Analysis
  • Accounts Confirmation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fund Flow Statement

d) Zoom

  • Cheque /Narration Query
  • Query on multiple Employees at a time
  • Account Zoom tracking individual Ledger till Voucher level.


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