Financial Accounting Software

Financial accounting software (FAS) is an important part for any organisation and enterprise system, which includes the accounting areas for General Ledger, Audit Trial balance, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The most comprehensive examples of financial accounting software suites also include inclusive modules that add Tax Management, Currency Management, Deferred Revenue Accounting, Recurring Revenue Management, Inter-Company Accounting, Cash Management, Fixed Assets, and Payroll Management for a more complete organised solution.

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  • Coded/Codeless versions
  • Multiple Cash/Bank/Journal/Petty Cash Books
  • Multiple Debit/Credit entries through same voucher
  • Single/Multiple Cost Center entries through same voucher
  • Bill-wise/on account adjustment of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Automatic TDS calculation facility at voucher entry level
  • Single/Multiple/Incremental/Transactional interest calculations
  • Simultaneous Cash-Contra entry automatically generated
  • Bank Pass Book updation and Bank Reconciliation statement
  • TDS certificate and Annual Return Form for TDS
  • Group/Sub-group-wise Trial Balance for any period
  • Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss A/c as per Sch. VI of Companies Act 1956
  • Manufacturing Account, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Fixed Assets Schedule with depreciation calculations
  • Cost center-wise Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash/Fund flow statements
  • Ageing analysis of sundry debtors/creditors
  • Ratio Analysis and Budgeted analysis
  • Monthly analysis of all account heads
  • Accounts Confirmation Letters in customized/normal format
  • Statistics/Audit trail/Mail merge/FAS editor for writing letters
  • Audit Report on Receipt/Payments/Sales/Purchases exceeding user defined limits
  • Data Zooming facility from Trial Balance/Balance Sheet to Vouchers and facility to modify vouchers
  • Graphical representation of any ledger account
  • Narration searching facility/Missing document searching
  • Over 100 comprehensive methods of reporting and querying data for your specific requirement


  • Single Bill against multiple challans/orders with on-line bill printing
  • Service Bills not linked with inventory
  • Sales Tax register for tracking Sales Tax/Declaration Form due
  • Challans/Bills can be made separately/simultaneously
  • Sales order/Sales Return/Cash Memo sales
  • Product-wise and Analysis name-wise Sales Register
  • Proforma Invoice, Invoice and Packing list for exporters
  • Customized Bill/Challan/Cash Memo/Order printing
  • User defined fields for storing extra sales information


  • Purchase Order handling
  • Calculation of Purchase Tax on unregistered purchase
  • Flexible allocation of purchase bills
  • Item-wise percentage analysis of purchase
  • Item-wise purchase register
  • Pending bill report against Goods Receipt notes
  • Sundry creditor tracking
  • Reports to track purchases/orders/goods not received, etc.
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Consolidated Purchase Register


  • Dual Unit of measurement with auto conversion
  • Detailed Description facility
  • Facility for item description/item rate change on bills
  • Excise/Modvat reports/Gate-pass for manufacturers/dealers
  • Facility to handle by-products during production
  • Cost-center-wise production/consumption reports
  • Batch-wise Inventory control
  • Provision for adjustment of stock
  • Inter-branch transfer of stock
  • Graphical representation of production data
  • Zooming data for product-wise inventory
  • Ageing analysis of stock in hand
  • Closing stock valuation using Rated/Weighted/FIFO methods
  • Stock movement register


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